About the 21st Century COE Program

Reseach Outcome Report 2007



1. Greetings

2. Message from the COE Leader

3. Creation and Dissemination of Genetic Nursing in Japan

4. Japanese Cancer Nursing
Development of a Care Provisioning System for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Nursing

5. Japanese Cancer Nursing
Development a Program for Fitness Recovery for Cancer Survivors

6. Japanese Geriatric Care

7. Women-Centered Care
Support for Victims of Domestic Violence
Support for Families Experiencing Stillbirth

8. Development of Women-Centered Care Models for Infertile Women

9. Community-Based Palliative Care (Hospice Care at Home) Project

10. Child- and Family-Centered Care:
Support System for the Development of Child- and Family-Centered Care in the Community

11. Development and Implementation of Effective Programs for Health Education and Practice Appropriate for Japanese Characteristics

12. Development of an International Collaboration Practice Model Contributing to “Health for All”

13. Creation of Health Resource Digital Contents and E-learning Program

14. Utilization and Evaluation of People-Centered Nursing Services

15. Knowing Our Body

16. The use of Case Studies as a Basis for a Model of Support for Visiting Mental Health Nurses Providing People-Centered Care

17. Health Information Service Activities for People at a Nursing College

18. International Relay Symposium: Collaboration between the public and nursing professionals

19. COE Evaluation

20. International Development and Challenges of People-Centered Care Projects

21. Development of Novice Researchers

22. Conceptualizing People-centered Care

23. A Future Review

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