Overview of People-Centered Care Development

Health care issues have increasingly become diverse and complex, because of the deteriorating social environment and malfunctioning social systems. Keys to solving such health care issues are influenced by social situation, individual life-style, and values. Thus they require individual health awareness and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

The objective of this COE program is to form, in collaboration with general public, a foundation of nursing for people-centered initiatives in health care and health promotion. To accomplish this objective, we have set the following goals:

  1. developing models for nursing practice facilitating people-centered initiative in health promotion,
  2. applying the developed models and collecting the evidence as health information available for the people as well as experts,
  3. istributing the health information using web sites and a distant learning system, and
  4. further expanding and elaborating' People-Centered Care'through utilization and assessment of developed nursing practice models.

The goals will be achieved through dynamic and mutual interactions between relevant sectors of Nursing Practice Science. The goals will be actualized through collaborative researches of domestic and international nursing research institutions. We, St. Luke's College of Nursing, Graduate School, Research Center for Nursing Practice Development and WHO Collaborating Center will work closely with other international institutions belonging to WHO Global Network and East Asian Forum of Nursing.

St. Luke's College of Nursing Hiroko Komatsu

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