[Life inherited by children from parents: Development of new nursing care compatible with advanced medical care]

The scope of study is nursing care for "lifestyle and hereditary diseases" both in children and parents, and support for those faced with difficult decisions of genetic examination and treatment.

[Living with disease: Development of nursing care to support disease management]

The scope of study is a new nursing care service system supporting patients with cancer and/or advanced age who have to continue treatment at home.

[Modern-day care: Development of nursing care supporting people who need medical treatment due to strain in social structure]

The scope of study is the development of nursing care as well as a community for victims of

[You are the Key to Your Health: Development of strategies for providing people-centered nursing care in clinical practice]

The scope of study is adult disease prevention and control: "Health for All," the development of health information, nursing services, and nursing techniques that can be used for bedridden patients at households.

[Other Studies]

The scope of study is the coping with and prevention of mental disorders, family support, and building health insurance, medical care, and welfare systems, which are investigated in terms of nursing care.

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