Overall Picture of St. Luke's COE Program

Holistic image of the COE Program represents a space station, and consists of two circular cones joined at their peaks. Graduate school of Nursing Science, the Research Center for Development of Nursing Practice and WHO Collaboration Center are located at the base of the station because they serve as headquarters which facilitate and control functions of the station.

The bottom part of the station is research and development project of nursing practice model that attempts to present solutions to health care issues of our society. This research project consists of two primary areas: 'Development and Assessment of Nursing Service', and 'Development and Assessment of Strategies for Nursing Service Delivery.'

The middle part of the station accommodates a system for analyzing and developing nursing information which serves to facilitate advancement of the program. Evidence obtained from each research project will be delivered online as health information materials, and made available not only for experts but also for the public worldwide. Similarly the online materials will be made available for self-learning through e-learning system allowing exchange between people and experts.

The top part of the station serves as navigator. To ensure the quality of nursing service, it assesses nursing practice models and health information materials from a perspective of people as nursing service user and policy makers. It aims to further expand and refine the COE program by presenting policy recommendations and new research topics.

St. Luke's COE Program is a space station that swiftly detects transitions in domestic and international social situation and conditions from people's perspective. The COE Program aims to deliver up-to-date nursing service with quality and easy access, to people who are main body of health promotion. Through the cycle of delivery, assessment and feedback, the program also aims to help St. Luke's College of Nursing to become one of the international nuclei of dynamic nursing practice research.

St. Luke's College of Nursing Hiroko Komatsu

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